In 2021, the need arose to set up a charitable entity that is self-reliant and structurally entitled to raise its own resources, as the scope of work identified in terms of growth were in environmental sustainability, training internationally and involved members of ethnicities beyond Asian, African, and Middle Eastern communities. Sustainable Development Education Training Advisory Trust (SETAT) was incorporated in 2021 to cater to the above-mentioned objectives.

Shakti and its member organisations are focused on Asian African and Middle Eastern women and children only, involving crisis intervention and refuge services.


Shakti Education Training & Advisory Company Ltd (SETAC Ltd) was set established in 2015 with the intent of providing research, training and development for Shakti and member organisations. Over the years SETAC developed policies & procedure manuals, training (in-house and external agencies) as well as life-skills programmes for Shakti clients. Most recently, SETAC developed the Ethnic Best Practice Guidelines for servicing migrant and refugee communities in family/sexual violence in New Zealand. IN 2017, SETAC Ltd also developed a social enterprise model that resulted in the setting up of two upcycling shops in West Auckland and began to prioritize environmental sustainability while support self-reliance of domestic violence survivors.


Sustinnoworx is a social enterprise, created in 2017 by SETAC Ltd to promote environmental sustainability. It also serves as a place for clients to gain employability skills as part of SETAC training courses, such as retail and sewing. The Henderson Sustinnoworx store sells preloved clothing, homeware and linens, and stocks environmentally friendly products from small local businesses. The Henderson Sustinnoworx store also contains the Sustinnoworx Worxshop, which provides alterations, repairs and upcycled goods, and is used to train clients. The ethos of Sustinnoworx is to promote local industry, skills and entrepreneurship through sustainability.