Promote women’s empowerment through appropriate capacity building activities, nurturing, and developing of entrepreneurship towards generating self-reliance.

Being ecologically friendly and financially sustainable through the development of self-sustaining projects.

To advocate and lobby for social change for ethnic, as well as wider communities.

Providing culturally appropriate education for women, irrespective of religion, disability, sexual orientation, or background.

Promotion of research and development into culture, background, religion, and all other important factors that affect SDETAT clients.

Promotion and maintenance of sustainability factors and environmental protection.


To collectively ensure environmental, social, and human rights and secure a sustainable and equitable society.

To reduce environmental degradation, and reduce the wastage of natural resources, through following a more indigenous way of living to preserve the environment and resources for future generations.

To bring awareness to, educate about, and encourage new research to support NGOs, nationally and internationally, who work in domestic violence support for women and children, through workshops, seminars, training, capacity building. This ensures engagement in safe practices to keep women and children safe.

Breaking the barrier of learning, taking opportunities for education, research, social enterprise, and bringing equity and equality in the life, through online and face-to-face training programs.

To promote social enterprise and ethical businesses through networking, partnerships, leadership, and collaboration.

To promote cultural knowledge, practices, information, lived experiences, to build capacity for national and international NGOs, supporting government departments, for advice, monitoring, evaluation, etc.


Bringing collective transformation, environmental understanding and awareness, sustainability values, and respect of individual rights through training, education, and participation.


Acknowledgement of tangata whenua as the original people of the land, and respect of the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, alongside respecting the diverse values and traditions of ethnic communities.

Acknowledge and celebrate the diversity and differences in society.

Work in a professional and competent manner.

Accountability to the wider communities, nationally and internationally, as well as primary and secondary stakeholders.

Promote and uphold the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and remain consistent with human rights.

Social cohesion and community harmony.

Providing education for anyone who would benefit from the expertise of SDETAT members.