Environmental commitment

  • SDETAT is committed to promoting and implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals created by the United Nations.
  • SDETAT also has individual development goals focused around sustainability and environmental commitment, which are aligned with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Educational training

  • SDETAT aim to provide learning opportunities for everyone, regardless of age, geographic location, ethnicity, religion, or cultural background.
  • SDETAT will provide learning opportunities online and face-to-face, both nationally and internationally.
  • Specifically targeted programs are offered for victims of domestic violence and vulnerable women. These programs will reach out to women who otherwise cannot access traditional classroom environments or have access to online training tools.
  • SDETAT will be targeting to provide ongoing training, capacity-building for social workers, counsellors, community workers, NGO workers, government departments, and international NGOs.

Advisory and expertise services

  • SDETAT will lend expertise from a pool of talented individuals with a wealth of experience, from indigenous communities (tangata whenua), Pasifika, migrants, and immigrants from Asian, African, and Middle Eastern backgrounds. These individuals have work experience, educational profiles, and reputations that can be utilized for government and non-government organizations for policy advice, program development, training, professional supervision for social workers’/management personnel, capacity-building, funding, fundraising, etc.

Cultural expertise

  • SDETAT is committed to promoting inclusive cultural awareness, training, and advice through knowledge, cultural experience, and expertise.