Farida Sultana


Farida is passionate about initiating positive change in the lives of women and families in the community. For over 26 years, she has focused on working with women and families in the migrant and refugee sector in Aotearoa New Zealand, towards promoting violence-free communities.

She is the Lead Trainer at Shakti in New Zealand and Australia. Currently, she is the Director of SDETAT. Her work includes setting up a national community organization (Shakti, in 1995); developing and implementing appropriate empowerment-based models for immigrant women’s development and reducing gender-based violence in New Zealand; and developing training and awareness programmes within the migrant and refugee communities towards creating a violence-free society.

Farida’s work has also contributed to many other organisations: she has sat on the Consultation Committee of the Human Rights Commission in New Zealand for the development of an `Action Plan for Human Rights’, Advisory Board member on the Auckland District Health Board, UNIFEM Committee member- Auckland Region, and an Advisory member of the New Zealand Family Violence ClearingHouse.

Ella Martin

Ethical Officer

In Ella Martin’s role as Ethical Officer, she has started the 2022 Sustinnoworx “Zero Textile Waste” campaign.

The campaign is focused on reducing textile waste through three methods:

  • Upcycling: Ella holds upcycling workshops, in-person and online, to teach clients and the community upcycling skills.
  • Education: Ella can also provide educational seminars about textile waste, fast fashion and other related issues like climate change and gender issues.
  • Advocacy: Sustinnoworx advocates for textile waste reduction within the zero waste space, West Auckland business space and to local and central government.

We encourage and seek any partnerships to be able to further the mission of Zero Textile Waste, and strongly advocate for legislation change towards this end.

You can find her working in the Sustinnoworx store, where she provides training to SDETAT clients in sewing, upcycling, sustainability and retail.

Dipika Patel

National Women Empowerment Life Skills Programme Coordinator

My journey with Shakti Community began 15 years ago as a volunteer progressing to regional committee management as a team. My passion towards education and training, along with 10+ years of work in New Zealand School and Education system had empowered me to contribute back to the Ethnic Women Empowerment Life Skills Programme. My goal as a national Life Skills coordinator for SDETAT is to achieve the best outcomes in the missions of Shakti Community Council in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Christine Sugianto

Women Empowerment Life Skills Programme Administrator- Auckland

I was born in Berlin, Germany and lived in Indonesia for 19 years. I studied Economics/Marketing in Petra University (Indonesia) before moving to New Zealand with my family. In New Zealand, I worked in the hospitality industry for 16 years. My work experience is in Event Management and Administration.

I have joined SDETAT recently as Life Skills Programme Administrator in Auckland. It is a privilege for me to work with people who share the same values in women empowerment. “Be a woman who supports other women. Compliment each other, give words of encouragement, empower each other” (Iram Ahmed).